About Us

Introducing the dedicated team behind TrailBlend Coffee, a collective of outdoor enthusiasts who are firm believers that every outdoor adventure should be accompanied by an exceptional cup of coffee. Joel, the founder of TrailBlend Coffee, identified the need for superior coffee that could endure alongside his outdoor pursuits.

Joel embarked on a quest to source the finest beans from across the globe, resulting in unique blends that became a perfect companion for hiking, camping, bushcrafting, and other outdoor activities. Step into the world of TrailBlend Coffee, where respect for nature, sustainability, and true American values merge. With beans conscientiously sourced, every flavorful cup of our coffee supports wildlife preservation and respects the majesty of the great outdoors. TrailBlend embodies the untamed essence of America's wild landscapes and the animals that call them home.

To help turn his vision into reality, Joel invited Rege, his partner and fellow outdoor enthusiast, to join the venture. Together, they assembled a team of experienced coffee roasters, baristas, and farmers who shared their passion for coffee and the great outdoors.

Whether you crave a bold, robust blend or prefer a smooth, mellow cup, our skilled roasters meticulously select and roast each bean to bring out its full flavor and aroma. Our farmers, equally enthusiastic about coffee and the environment, adopt sustainable farming practices to grow our beans, safeguarding the environment and the future of coffee production.

We take immense pride in partnering directly with farmers, ensuring fair wages and respectful treatment. At TrailBlend Coffee, our commitment extends to reducing our environmental impact. Our biodegradable coffee bags offer an eco-friendly way to enjoy our coffee, while our commitment to the outdoor community motivates us to continually seek ways to contribute positively.

Choose TrailBlend for a high-quality coffee that benefits you, the farmer, and the planet, and taste the adventure whether you're hiking, camping, or bushcrafting. We invite you to join Joel, Rege, and the TrailBlend team on our mission to create a better world, one coffee cup at a time.

We're proud of the work we do and are thrilled to share our love of coffee and the outdoors with you. Taste the adventure, hear the whispering woods, and feel the spirit of the wild - all in your daily brew of TrailBlend Coffee